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PM8Tech - Coming Soon!
PM8Tech - Coming Soon!
Exciting new monitoring tools
Because knowing the environment is half the battle!

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About PM8 Technologies

Key features of our Products & Ethos


We lead the way in innovative products that help you manage and control your environment and that you'll not find anywhere else as a consolidated and robust unit.


We know our customer because we share your passion and use the same products every day to enhance our own environments.


This is not repurposed equipment, this is specifically designed for the environment. We also maintain a eye on style and compactness so it not only works great but it looks good to!


We strive to make our monitors as user friendly as possible, but we're always here to help you get the best from the M8.

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Having a subscription opens up a whole new realm of recording and visualisation that enhances and M8 and makes the experience richer.




The products and prototypes PM8 make

All products are made to order, this is not mass market churn!


Available soon

Aquatic monitoring system


Coming Soon!

Environmental monitor for your Vivarium


Coming Soon!

Coming soon - Aquarium monitoring system


Coming soon!

Enhance your M8 with a subscription and the added benefits it brings.

We know design.

We know good design and we know what you're looking for in a monitoring system where cost against features is key and where choice still matters. We also know "Bling" needs to provide more than just aethetics which is why we work hard to deliver the functionality you require.

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Coming soon

  • PondM8 WiFi
  • Full wireless Touch Screen
  • WiFi enabled
  • Base unit (Water Resistant
  • Sensor Pack & Mount
  • £TBA

    One off price
  • EnviroM8
  • Full wireless touch screen
  • Spec Spec
  • Spec Spec
  • Spec Spec
  • £TBA

    per month
  • PM8 Subscription
  • Yearly subscription
  • Dedicated Dashboard
  • Data recording & more
  • Full weather servcie
  • £TBC

    per month


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